July 5, 2021

Twin Lakes Community Participation Plan

“One Blade of Grass at a Time”


  • To provide a recreational business that creates value for everyone.
  • To offer a community meeting place for events and socials.
  • Be open to opportunities to build collaborative partnerships with community groups.
  • Provide a golf facility that is for everyone.
  • Hire staff willing to be engaged with the local community and to be seen as ambassadors for the business.


  • Manage waste and energy usage to minimize environmental impact.
  • Use only safe products to maintain a healthy green golf course.
  • Take a proactive approach to conserving water and where possible, set an example of water conservation to other golf courses.
  • Respect nature and the animals who we share the lands with.


  • Ensure workers are protected, risks are minimized and the workplace is safe for them to carry out their duties.
  • Promote a positive health and safety culture.
  • Ensure patrons are not put in harm’s way as they enjoy their round of golf.


  • Be aware of our community events.
  • Avoid unnecessary conflicts by being a good neighbor.
  • Keep the golf course aesthetics healthy and playable which our neighbors are proud of.
  • Involve community wherever possible.
  • Offer employment opportunities for local people.
  • Give back where we can.


  • We shall be honest and fair in all our actions with guests, staff and community.
  • We will work to be a good neighbor, knowing the same will be our return.
  • We care for the golf facility and respect the natural resources that permit it to be here. 
August 16, 2021

 All golf courses have to ensure they work smart to keep water usage minimum while delivering a quality product to their customers. At Twin Lakes Golf, we are no different, and we continue building on our water conservation practices every year.

The Okanagan, as of August 14, 2021, is now at Drought Level 4. These unprecedented dry and hot conditions have the RDOS asking everyone to reduce their water use whenever possible.  The Ministry of Forest and Lands has encouraged southern B.C. surface and groundwater users to voluntarily reduce usage.

Even though at Twin Lakes Golf Course, we had already reduced our normal operations watering practices significantly before the Drought Level 4 was reached, the golf course will reduce water usage by another 50%, effective immediately.

The impact of this additional water use reduction will increase areas on the course to dry, brown with the grass slowly going dormant.   We ask golfers, where possible, to avoid playing in these dormant areas.

We will do our best to keep the Tee Boxes, Fairways, and Greens at a playable level and a quality you are used to when playing at Twin Lakes Golf Course.

We appreciate your patience and kindness at this time.  We will continue to do our part.